Salvaging my favorite boots

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I love my Uggs.  Not because I think they are particularly fashionable, or attractive, or “the in thing”, but because since owning them I have survived two winters far better than I had in the past.  It’s amazing how much warmer they keep me.  In fact last winter in effort to save some money I turned the furnace down 4 degrees and my Uggs doubled as slippers.  I put them on the second I woke up and they stayed on till I climbed into bed.  So imagine my dismay when I pulled them out this year and there was a hole in the toe.


Well that just won’t do!  And I really have no intentions of forking over cash better spent elsewhere on a new pair, so what to do?  Fix ’em!  Now I know there are Ugg authorized shoe repair places that patch holes, but I’m crafty right?  Right.  So I decided I would do it myself.  I went to a few craft stores till I found some suede that I thought would match pretty well.  Now mind you, suede does fade pretty fast, so I picked one a little brighter than my Uggs knowing in a week outside it’d probably match.  Next I had to figure a shape.  I considered a flower or a star, but those seemed a tad to juvenile.   I decided on a fleur-de-lis.  I got onto google and did an image search to get me started.


But in true fashion, I just wasn’t satisfied and couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided to make my own.  I knew because of the hole’s location that I needed a wider base (as opposed to thin and pointy) and the rest just sort of followed.  I tried drawing the whole thing evenly on both sides, but ended up folding the paper in half and holding it up against a bright window to trace the opposite side so things would be even.  Then when I was happy I made a photocopy of that and drew a smaller fleur-de-lis in the center.


I cut out a copy of both the inside and outside shapes as templates, traced it onto the backside of my suede scraps and cut out the two shapes.  I then glued them on top of one another, added a little gold acrylic paint and ended up with this:

Next I had to figure out exactly how and where to attach it to my Uggs.  It was during this stage I realized how cool this looked:

Just think, if I had made two of them I’d have some very cool custom uggs!  I almost did it and just used a small suede piece to patch the hole.  But I made this Fleur De Lis to serve a purpose and fill it it must!  So a little gluing later and my Uggs are fixed, unique, and have many more miles to go.

Menu Plan

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I don’t know why but Autumn and winter are my favorite cooking months.  I think this actually stems from how I grew up.  My parents rarely ever turned the a/c on (thank goodness for attic fans) and I remember hearing “it’s to hot to cook tonight”  I seem to remember a lot of cold preparation dinners.  My mom is probably laughing right now, thinking I’m crazy and that those times were rare, which might be true but that’s what stuck with me.  So summer just doesn’t feel like a time to cook for me.   I mean I do it, but it lacks a sense of fun and comfort.  Aaaaannnnywhoooo…so the weather is starting to cool a bit (80’’s been one HOT summer) and I’m getting the itch to cook again.  Here is this weeks menu plan with links (our “week” starts on the day I get to grocery shop, Wednesday in this case).  Most of these we have tried before and liked.  I of course always modify recipes, but here was my starting point.

Baked Ziti with Cheese and Garlic Toast (target sells the best garlic cheese bread) After experimenting we actually prefer Shop n Save brand traditional spaghetti sauce best for this recipe.

Cranberry Pork Roast and Horseradish Scalloped Potatoes with a green salad

Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs with rice and fresh steamed green beans. (ok I don’t really have a recipe for this one.  Basically I’ll make meatballs with ground turkey, egg, and bread crumbs than leave it for a while in the crockpot with low sodium teriyaki sauce and a few other ingredients (maybe orange and ginger?) and serve over rice.

Sweet Mustard Roast with mashed potatoes and carrots.

Baked breaded chicken with provel wine sauce with spaghetti and caesar salad

Cajun Pulled Pork Sandwiches (pork served on Kaiser rolls with cheddar cheese) and Pasta salad.  I’ve never made a pasta salad before.  All i know for sure its it will be rotini with cucumbers, red peppers and shredded parmesan.  I haven’t decided if I want to go the standard italian dressing route or make something from scratch like this recipe for low sodium italian.

Speaking of dressing from scratch, this Dressing Recipe is super simple and surprisingly great.  I found it while searching for a sodium free salad dressing. I’m not a huge horseradish person, but I really like this anyway.  If you hate horseradish completely don’t bother.  I use agave nectar instead of honey.  Have you heard of agave nectar??  Well thats a whole post in itself…another time perhaps :-)

EM’s first day of Kindergarten!!

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All ready to go!

Why isn’t the bus here?

..because baby, mom figured it’d take us 15 minutes to walk 100 yards…and I wanted to be early just incase (we ended up waiting 45

“maybe if I look real hard I can see the bus”

Oh My Goodness!!!  The bus is pulling up!

And she was off.  It took a few minutes but I did end up shedding a tear.  It wasn’t so much about my kids being away from me at school, it was more freaked out that my child had just gone off in a bus and I didn’t know if she was ok or not.  Not in a safety way, just in a was she happy way.

TL and I went to run a few errands while EM was in school and we bought balloons and a bear for her for when she got off the bus (which she almost didn’t..thanks to a neighbor girl on the bus we know, she let EM know).

TL waiting for her sister

EM’s home!

but more importantly..”How was your first day???”


Meramec Caverns

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Instead of doing a kids birthday party this year, we decided to let the girls pick somewhere special and fun and different that we could go do together as a family.  EM picked Meramec Caverns and what a great choice it was. 

We had lunch on the way at a great little restaurant in Eureka called Chick-n-Ellie (maybe…it was something like that). When we got to Meramec Caverns I learned that Kyle had never been there before, so I was now double excited!  We perused through the gift shop for a while and then went on the cave tour.  EM LOOOOOOOOVED it.  That girl was in rock heaven!  TL really liked it too, but she was being “baby deeba” (a name we made up for her which started out as “baby Diva” but she thinks it’s some cute name and she pronounces it “baby deeba”) and insisted on Kyle carrying her the entire time.

After the cave tour we had sherbert at the snack bar, then headed over to the mining area where you can pan for gold (fools gold) and fossils and gemstones.  It was the thing EM wanted to do the most and it was definitely the most fun TL had.  TL could have cared less about the “panning” part, she only cared about playing in the water and sand.  She is SUCH a water baby.

When we were all done doing that, we made a few small gift shop purchases, Kyle introduced the girls to fudge (lol) and we headed home.  We picked up a pizza on the way, but it was TL’s birthday so I told her I would make her what ever she wanted.  She picked a SALAD!  who’s kid is she???  We don’t eat  Well, good for her!









I like this quote

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It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.
— Erma Bombeck

Lake time

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Kyle and I went to the lake this last weekend with the girls.  It was the only weekend that wasn’t rented out so we decided to make use of it.  We had a good mix of going out and letting loose, but also staying in and doing family stuff.  Friday night we had a sitter and went out on the boat.  Saturday we had some friends come to our dock and then we all went on our boat with our kids way up (which is actually down) the lake.  We wanted to go to a place called Bare Bottoms which is a restaurant/bar with water slides and a pool for the kids, but it was to busy to even park.  So we ended up the lake further at some old place where we ate lunch, took a quick swim in their pool and then ended up swimming in the lake with all our friends.  That night Kyle’s mom came to visit and Kyle and I went to dinner after the girls were in bed.  Sunday we took Kyle’s mom and my friend for another boat ride to Lazy Gators.  We had lunch, hung out a bit, and then came back to the girls.  We then went and hung out at the pool together, came back and took a nap, and then Kyle and I watched a movie together that night.


The ice cream man

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Growing up we had an ice cream man that occasionally came by.  Everywhere I’ve lived since had no ice cream truck driving through till we bought this house.  I was so excited to share this with my kids.  He’s been sort of illusive this year though.  We hear the bell and run out just to find out he’s actually in the neighborhood behind us, or turns on the street before us and bypasses us.  But FINALLY we waved him down and caught him!  Saying the girls were excited is a major understatement.





Catch up photos

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Ok, it’s been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to long since I have blogged.  Kyle and I have had quite the year, and the last few months have been nothing short of horrible and fantastic and hard and progressive all in one.  But through it all we have learned just how strong we are.  We have something magical, and through lessons learned we just continue to grow…as individuals, as a team, in our marriage, and as a family.

Busy doesn’t even describe my days in the last month or so.  So I am going to catch up blog, and here are a few pictures from recently.

The slip n slide that lasted one day:

 The girls and Kyle washing my truck for me:

At a baseball game with friends:

Fathersday weekend at the lake.  We had a wonderful time playing in the pool and going for boat rides.  Kyle and I got out one night on our own.







And also in June Kyle shaved off his “metro” haircut and then one night we kept the girls up extra late and Kyle shaved off his goatee (or however you spell that).  He looks great.  Here is a picture from right before we did it.  I was nervous because last time he shaved it off it just didn’t look right, but he was 40lbs heavier then and didn’t have the bone definition in his face he does now.  There will be pictures of the shaved Kyle later :-)

Independance Day 2010

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We stayed home from the lake this year for the fouth of July and didn’t miss the lake for one second.  TL was sick but otherwise we had a wonderful family weekend.  We watched fireworks from a parking lot close to our house with our neighbors and their daughter. You can click on the firework pictures to see them larger.  It was a first for me photographing fireworks :-)


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Wow, we’ve been busy.  I have quite a few things I want to blog about!  I know I posted about EM’s graduation, but I think there was something right before that I want to blog about.  I’ll go back through pictures and look. It might have been my birthday, but it seems a bit silly to go back so far. Then there was memorial day at the lake with my girls.  And the girls just finished up vacation bible school, so I need to blog that too.  I’m sure there is more, and I promise I’ll try to catch up this coming week.  I’ve been busy and there is some catching up I have to do first.

Check back soon!

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